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  • Dionne Bowen

Sunrise, Sunset and Sunrise... again

Updated: Oct 13, 2021


I'm Dionne...

It's nice to meet ya!

You may have stumbled upon my blog by chance or you may have looked me up after reading one of my children’sstories, however you got here, welcome and thank you for visiting. I’ve never written a blog before so I’m going to speak from the heart and hope that it all comes together. Hopefully you enjoy it. This won’t be a long piece of artistic prose, I’ll just explain a little about why I write and what you can expect from my blog moving forward.

As long as I can remember I have always wanted to be a writer.

Growing up, I was surrounded by amazingly talented and exceptional family members, both parents were brain boxes. Mum studied law and was a complete bombshell, dad was a computer programmer and kung-fu master. My brothers Andre and Ryan were these amazing physical specimens, great at Taekwondo, Wing-Chun, Football, Boxing, Computing and graphics. I remember one day watching Andre in my Uncle Kevin’s bedroom/studio as he learnt to play the keyboard, he literally learnt how to play the Keyboard in one afternoon! 2Pacs “I Aint Mad at Ya” was the first melody that he mastered, and is still one of my favourite songs to this day. I on the other hand, struggled with sports, (I still can’tride a bike or swim despite my family's best efforts to teach me), my knees knock when I run, I’m not tech savvy and I am often confused by seemingly basic concepts but writing has always come as second nature to me. Mum and Dad always made a fuss of my writing I remember my poems being stuck on the walls of Dad’s office in our Harlesden house and Mum reading my stories to anybody who would listen, I guess not much has changed in that aspect. Being dyslexic I struggled to keep up in school and although my grades were always above average I really had to fight through. I processed information differently from the other children and because of this I always felt less intelligent than my academic counterparts. That was until I began to share my writing, I remember my year 7 English teacher peering at me while looking at a creative writing piece, her eyes beamed with an excitement that I had only before seen in my parents, she smiled warmly and told me that I wrote “beautifully”, she called me “intelligent” and “eloquent” and even though my essay was littered with the dreaded red markings ‘sp’ signalling spelling errors it was probably one of the very first times that I felt like I could academically measure up. For the first time in school I felt smart. Needless to say those words meant the absolute world to me back then…truthfully they still do to this day. So long story short…writing is my thing! I feel bright with a pen in my hand.

Why I write

Writing is my form of praise and worship, it’s also my form of therapy and anger management. Jotting my ideas down helps me to process the world around me, particularly when things don’t make sense. Writing has helped me to process the loss of my first daughter Nia, honour her life and continue her legacy. Writing has also helped me celebrate my fantastic second daughter Johari. I am hoping that as well as celebrating my daughters, that my writing helps someone who needs it.

What can you expect from my blog moving forward?

I want this to be an uplifting blog, but I can’t always guarantee that it’s going to be all rainbows and afros in every post. Whether I am speaking about Black Girl Magic, my 4c hair journey or dealing with grief and anxiety, one thing I can promise you, is that I am going to keep it real with you. I’ll probably add some poetry, prose, musings and other bits as I grow and experiment as a writer. Sunrise, Sunset and Sunrise Again is my journey through love, loss and love again, I would love it if you would join me. x

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