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  • Dionne Bowen

Surviving a Broken Heart

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

A Poem by Dionne Bowen

My-love, nobody is impervious to heartbreak

We are not immune or exempt from failure, disappointment, heartache or sorrow.

These things don’t care if you are a good person.

They don’t care how much you pray, give or love.

Sorrow is not life’s way of punishing you for something.

Like happiness, sorrow is simply another part of life’s rich journey.

And sometimes life’s journey can be oh so hard.

Devastating at times!

And the fact is, that for some;

you may go through something that makes you feel as though your sky is falling.

The world around you is crumbling and the foundation upon which you have built your entire life seems to erode beneath your feet.

And what do you do if this happens to you?

What do you hold on to when your entire world shatters?

You hold on to the fact that YOU survived this occurrence.

You hold on to the fact that you are STILL HERE to experience life

However painful and despite the catastrophe …


You hold on to the fact that you have been able to open your eyes this morning.

Many didn’t My-love

Just know that; your beautiful, tear-filled eyes will once again see the sunshine.

And while you await your day-break …

Speak to somebody, feel your feelings, cry and allow yourself to heal.

The healing of a broken heart is a lengthy process

But if you can hold on. The wait is worth it.

So hold on My-love. You will be okay. I pray you will be okay.

I know you will be okay.

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