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Dionne S Bowen

About Dionne

Dionne Bowen is on a mission to celebrate black beauty and brilliance, by instilling inspiration and pride in children of colour.


As an Educational Specialist from North West London, Dionne uses children’s literature to channel her message which has self-love at its core. Nia’s Story is her debut book inspired by her own daughter, Nia who passed away suddenly aged just two years old. It tells the heart-warming tale of a mother expressing her love for her bright and brilliant daughter, while celebrating her magnificent black beauty. The book encourages black and brown children to love all of their unique features and differences, as these are the things that make them ‘simply beautiful’.  


“I had written Nia’s story: Simply Beautiful Me’ in 2015 when I was 7 months pregnant with my first-born Nia. It was supposed to be my first gift to her. I wanted to offer words of love and encouragement and celebrate her magnificence! I was all too aware of the insecurities that many little black and brown children face through the lack of positive representations and praise in the mainstream media. I wanted my daughter to grow up knowing that she was special and absolutely beautiful. The publication of Nia’s story is my way of honouring my little princess.”  Dionne S. Bowen


To find out more about Nia’s Story click here. If you would like to know more about how Dionne can bring Nia’s story to life through her workshops, click here.


As well as an author and Education Specialist, Dionne is also available to speak at events. If you would like to book Dionne, please contact Naked Truth Agency –


Dionne speaks on the following topics:


  • Being young, black and brilliant

  • Surviving loss and trauma (as a parent)

  • Mental health and overcoming the stigma of therapy

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Working to create a more beautiful world through love, light and literature

My Books

Nia's Story: Simply Beautiful Me!

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'Nia is a bright, bubbly and brilliant little girl. She works hard in class but when break time comes, she is truly free! Every day she happily plays with her friends but today is different. Today Nia’s friends begin to ask her why her hair is so thick and why her skin is so dark. Nia soon realises that she does not look like her friends or like any of the princesses in her books. Nia begins to wonder if she is pretty at all. It’s up to Mummy to show her how beautiful she truly is! Follow Nia on her journey as she discovers what makes her Simply Beautiful.


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